How to Keep in Touch with Co-Workers

Another frequently asked question we received during our last Twitter chat was about how to keep in touch with former co-workers and employers. Since you had an internship with this company over the summer, you want to make sure they keep you in mind for a future job opening once you graduate, right? Or once you’ve left a company, you want to make sure you keep in touch with former co-workers just in case they have any potential openings at a new company they might transfer to. There are several ways to keep in touch with former co-workers and depending on your relationship with them, don’t be afraid to consider the below.

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  • Social network. Make sure you’re connected on LinkedIn so that you can see each others work history and any job changes. You wouldn’t want to reach out to someone at a company that’s no longer there. Follow them on Twitter and tweet back and forth. This can’t hurt and keeps the connection alive.
  • Send an email. Email them saying hi, not necessarily asking for anything, but checking in to see how everything is going and letting them know your status (i.e. I’m graduating this spring and would love to be considered for a position at your company in the coming months).
  • Shoot a coverage note. This is a great idea suggested by @SuzanneMNolan. See a client placement that is most likely due to the efforts of your co-workers? Send them a note congratulating them on the coverage. They will without a doubt be impressed that you’re thinking of them and also looking at relevant media.
  • Send a hand-written note. Personalized, hand-written cards always leave a great impression. Consider sending a hand-written note especially around the holidays.
  • Coffee date. Chances are you formed great personal relationships with former co-workers. Ask them to grab a cup of coffee with you one night or during lunch break to catch-up (can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this!).

Keeping connections is vital in any career, but especially in PR. How do you keep in touch with former co-workers?

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