How to Pack for a Work Trip

As you guys know by now, I’m headed to Sundance this week to work a celebrity suite for a client.  This time last year, I was still getting used to traveling for work and learning the ins and outs of living from a suitcase.  I was absolutely obsessed with avoiding checking a bag (which is sometimes a good thing), never prepared for changing temperatures on the airplane and would almost always forget a daily necessity (I once left my hairbrush behind when traveling for a new biz presentation with a hair client).  I’d like to think that I have the hang of it now, but I’m always interested to hear how others pack for travels and thought I’d share!

How to pack: Your Suitcase

  • First, decide if you can manage in a carry on or need to check a bag.  My rule is, if you’re going to be gone more than two or three nights, check a bag.  And if you have multiple events, definitely check a bag
  • I also always make a list of outfits I want to wear. Work trips are not the time to bring hoards of clothes and figure you’ll decide what you’ll wear when you get there.  Think of the events you have, and plan your outfits in advance
  • Think through your daily routine and what you need.  Sometimes I make my packing list the day before I leave while I’m getting ready so I don’t forget things like my razor, hair mousse or floss
  • In the suitcase, I always put shoes on the bottom, and fill the crevices with accessories (bags and belts) and underthings. Shirts, pants and dresses can be neatly folded on top
  • If you think you may need something soon when you get off the plane, like a sweater or coat, be sure to keep it on top

How to pack: Your Carry-On

  • I recently found Lo & Sons bags, and I am obsessed.  I am one of those people who need the littlest things at a moment’s notice while traveling, and these bags have great pockets and compartments to keep everything stored
  • One of my biggest pet peeves is dry lips or dry hands. Hand lotion and lip balm is a must, and plenty of water to drink
  • I always carry important devices on my person – computer, cell phone, chargers
  • I usually have a book (no, no Kindle yet! I’m old school) and buy plenty of magazines at Hudson news at the airport
  • This trip I’m bringing Emergen-C to shake into my water, with the flu outbreak and the amount of traveling I’m doing I need to stay on my game
  • Sunglasses and gloves if needed
  • I pack a small makeup bag just for my carry-on, in case I have to go straight from the airport to a meeting or (heaven forbid!) my luggage gets lost
  • I now always wear layers on the plane. That means a breathable top, a sweater, and probably a scarf. Usually I like to wear shoes that can slip on or off easily, but this trip I’m wearing my most comfortable boots

How do you pack for business trips?

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