How to Practice Interviewing Efficiently

Summer internship season is soon upon us. While we’ve been talking a lot recently about how you can tweak your resume to show off your best experiences and qualities, there is still a big part of the job application process to prep for: the interview.

Everyone gets a few nerves when it comes to the interview and a formal meet and greet with a potential employer. As you gain more experience, the interview can become your most confident part of finding a new job. If you’re just starting out or have never interviewed for an internship or entry level job before, here are a few ways you can prep yourself:

  • Listen to how you speak with your friends – Do you have a figure of speech or bit of slang that you catch yourself saying a little too often? Do you have to make a concentrated effort to remember to say please or thank you? Try to work on these little quirks with your friends way before you meet with HR.
  • Practice speaking about your hobbies and strengths – The part of the interview that many people feel uncomfortable with is talking about themselves. We’re not saying brag about your love of magazines to anyone who will listen, but maybe pick a few people who really love you to listen to you brag for a bit
  • Have a couple questions in your back pocket – The worst thing you can do is not ask questions during an interview.  Sometimes you are so nervous you just want it to be over. Sometimes you are not sure if you’re feeling the company.  But it is important to make the interview a conversation… this is just as much about seeing if the company is right for you as if you are right for the company.  Have a couple questions memorized that you can ask at every interview.  My favorites are “what does the day to day look like for you?” “what are some of your favorite parts of your job?” “how do you see someone in my position growing at this company?”

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