How to Prevent Summer Office Faux Pas

Yesterday I had a slightly embarrassing experience.   In the rush to get out the door in the rain, I put on (what I thought was) a tried and true jersey dress to get to the office. When I arrived, the humidity had actually caused my dress to stretch and showcase just over the appropriate amount of skin.

A good rule of thumb I heard in my office when it comes to summer dressing – “if you’re questioning whether it’s appropriate or not, it probably isn’t.”   In case you happen to have a malfunction like I did, here are a couple of things you can easily keep at your desk to avoid summer office faux pas:

 Keep safety pins or a sewing kit at your desk – this won’t just help you keep your shirt on, but also helpful if a button goes missing or a hem goes weird

Store shoes under your desk – Though flat sandals are easy and comfy, a client can surprise you with an in-person meeting while you look like you’re headed to the beach.   Keep at least one or two pairs of heels in a neutral color under your desk, just in case

A sweater on the back of your chair is your friend – Not only do NYC offices tend to crank up the AC, but if you get to work and realize your bra straps are showing, a cardigan is a must


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