How to Scare Media Contacts

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for one reason – you can eat candy all day and no one will judge you. In light of the holiday, here are few ways to scare away media contacts.

Happy Halloween

  • Send an attachment. A big one. An entire PowerPoint with images.
  • Blast your press release. To an entire media list you pulled from Cision.
  • Send them a long pitch. That’s over five paragraphs.
  • Don’t address them by name. Use a greeting like, “Hello Ms.”
  • Call them on deadline. Multiple times.
  • Repeatedly ask them for favors and give nothing in return. Never say, “thank you.”
  • Invite them to a media event. Without sending the date, time and location.
  • Be unresponsive. Take up to two to three days to respond.
  • Show up late to an event they’re attending. Leave them hanging.
  • Offer an exclusive and have someone else run the piece. A sure way to kill your relationship.

Follow the above, and you’ll have media shaking like this guy.

Happy Halloween! Xx


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