How to Spot a PR Girl

In NYC you run into many, many different types of people.   Though some days it can feel like you are all alone on the island full of millions, other times it can surprise you how often you come across people with a similar life path, career, goals, background or strappy Steve Madden sandals.

One thing that I’ve learned to quite easily spot in New York is the PR girl.   Once you’ve been in the industry for a while, it actually isn’t too difficult.   Here are a couple signs that you’ve contacted one of your own:

  • She spends at least 30 minutes in the magazine section at Barnes and Noble, grabbing everything from Glamour, Good Housekeeping and GQ to Brides, American Baby and Boy’s Life
  • She is able to balance three trays of Starbucks in 4 inch heels
  • Upon entering a bar or restaurant, she immediately tells the person next to her how she could style the space for an event
  • She rattles off celebrity relationship information like major league baseball standings
  • She is the girl her friends come to when a delicate situation needs to be dealt with in any kind of written word – text, email, facebook status
  • She will talk to anyone and everyone while sitting in the pedicure chair. Or, she will be completely silent and checking her email the entire time
  • She is able to negotiate a free round, free dessert, or free samples while out with her friends in almost any vicinity
  • After seeing a movie, she will analyze how the star’s career will fare after such a fantastic/tragic performance, and deliberate on whether or not he/she is a fit for her next campaign
  • She has commentary on almost every advertisement on television
  • She protects her friends, because she knows those closest to her will keep her sane in this crazy, consumer world



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