How To Stand Out in Your Summer Internship

As an intern, you’ll find it’s easy to get by with following instructions, stuffing gift bags and creating simple media lists for your superiors to review. If you’re satisfied by these tasks, you should be satisfied with the college credit and zero request from the company for your return – this is not the attitude of a PR star! Even if you are currently underwhelmed, overwhelmed or satisfied with your summer internship, there are several tips and tricks to take your internship from “work experience” to “career move.” Here are our top three:

Always Offer to Do More – You may be interning in a fashion house, where they literally have you working from your morning commute through the weekend. Offering to do even more work may just sound exhausting. However I promise you, when you ask for more tasks to do, this is when you are handed the projects that will help you grow. Maybe the AAE just simply doesn’t have time to pitch short lead media for an event. Maybe your supervisor would like you to come with her to a deskside appointment at Harper’s Bazaar. And everyone will always appreciate the offer to chip in. You’ll become indispensable, and you’ll be remembered for it.

Do it With a Smile – Enthusiasm is not only contagious, it’s magnetic.  Show that you want to be in the office every single day.  Prove to your team that you’re excited about this opportunity that they’ve given you, up until your last day.  Even when your supervisor asks you to deliver twelve bags of hard cover books to the TODAY show the morning after the company happy hour, do it with a smile.

Speak Up! – You might be the most imaginative, inspired, ingenious person in the world, but who would ever know it if you don’t share your ideas?  Be sure to pipe up in during team brainstorms and strategy meetings.  It can be super intimidating at first, but if you’ve been doing your PR homework and have something smart to contribute – do it!  Your supervisor will remember you for it, and you’ll be asked to join more brainstorms and planning meetings later on.

What are you doing to stand out in your summer internship?
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