How to Take Advantage of Elevator Chat

We do it every single day – ride the elevator to and from the office in the morning, afternoon and for lunch. I’ve found that the elevator is actually a great place to get updates from co-workers and even make greater connections with your colleagues. We get so wrapped up in our day to day work that we don’t often get a chance to mix and mingle with co-workers in other divisions. Instead of ignoring co-workers and putting in your headphones, here are a few topics of conversation you can cover within a 1-2 minute ride, of course depending on what floor you work on.

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  • What clients are you currently working on? Find out what they have in the works. It may spark an idea.
  • Any recent new business? There are some new client wins you might not be aware of.
  • How’s your division doing in terms of staffing? Take this opportunity to potentially refer people if they’re looking.
  • Have you heard about XYZ? Tell them some of your recent client wins and updates.
  • How was your weekend? Use this opportunity to get a little personal.
  • Are you looking for help on XYZ account? I’ve always been interested… Take a moment if you’re in the elevator with your boss to express interest in something you’ve been thinking about.
  • Are you going to the all employee meeting? Find out and let them know you’d love to chat more.

What are some other elevator topics of conversation?

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