How a PR Girl Handles the First Date

I have found that being in public relations has helped me countless other ways in my social life. While I’m naturally a bit shy and introverted, PR forced me to break out of my shell. Now I enjoy introducing myself to new people and learning new things about life I would never have known before.


If you’re in the dating scene AND in public relations – congrats, you pretty much rock at this. Going on your first date is not only about representing your best self, but also having fun in a new and foreign territory with another new and foreign person. here are some ways PR girls maneuver and succeed on the first date:

  • A PR girl will always know what spot to go to for a date, whether you’re looking of low key, flashy, fun or romantic (thanks to multiple events and site visits)
  • PR girls love to dress up, but know when too much is too much
  • Your PR girl date will read the room, know exactly where to sit to get the most privacy, and always be polite with the service staff
  • A PR girl knows when someone is nervous or overly excited, and helps their date feel more comfortable (thanks to media training more than a few fumbling brand spokespeople and CEO’s)
  • Your PR girl crush will have plenty of interesting stories about any number of topics, whether it be the backstage behavior of a crazy celeb or the down and dirty details of your favorite athlete (we’ve worked too many press events not to have a few stories stashed up)
  • A PR girl will guide the conversation but never jump down your throat, and always ask thoughtful questions (again, media training)
  • Should an unexpected snafu occur, your PR girl date will be on crisis management lockdown and clean it up before you can blink (you don’t know the disasters we deal with daily)


How else do you think PR girls handle dating with ease?

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