How to Swing the Holidays in the Office

While it has been unseasonably warm in New York, the crazy deadlines and late nights in the office definitely show that the holidays are just around the corner.   I’ve always thought that the two weeks leading up to Christmas and New Years are always some of the most hectic.   With parties or social engagements almost every night, people in and out of the office and the general resistance to work can really put a damper on getting work done.   Here are a few of my tried-and-true tips for being productive in the office:

Look at the month ahead – PR girls especially need to be wary of events over the next month.   Assume media contacts will be impossible to reach the last two weeks of December, and any priority pitching should be done early in the month

Your daily calendar is your best friend – Be sure to check your calendar first thing in the morning.   I like to write down all my meetings on a post-it and stick it to my screen. Prioritize your day so you can COMPLETE tasks before a meeting begins

Turn off gchat, Facebook, Twitter – This one is hard, especially for PR girls (and especially for me).   Tell yourself you have   30 minutes in the middle of the day to catch up with friends and social media, but that’s it.   The reward is getting out of the office on time

Be understanding, and then be responsible – A deadline might be missed, you may need to extend a project into the new year.   The most important thing is that you keep your team aware of changes in deadlines or expectations, and your clients always know when to expect completed work

Have fun – ‘Tis the season to take advantage of this merriment (and apparently, the nice weather) before the sleep of January and February kick in.   Give yourself a bit of a break, and make sure to cut loose this month (that does not mean overindulge in the office spiked punch)


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