Important Life Lessons Courtesy of NYC

Autumn always makes me incredibly happy that I live in New York.   Maybe it’s because all my friends are back in one place after spending the summer traveling every weekend.   Maybe because the air is crisp and I’m more alert than I was when it was 90 degrees and muggy out.   Either way, I can’t help but notice I have been staring dreamily at the Empire State Building almost every morning on my walk up Fifth Avenue to the office.

New York New York New York

When I saw this article on, I was impressed with how well it captured almost everything I love about this great city. New York has taught me some invaluable life lessons over the years.   Here are a few that have especially helped me to grow and become the person I am today:

“Star interns are life savers” My butt has been saved by stellar interns on a few occasions. Do not underestimate your job as an intern, and do not take your own interns for granted

“You can only control what you do” Do not put the pressure on yourself to fix every complicated situation you find yourself in.   Sometimes the answer is just to walk away, take the high road, or move on

“The joy of stress” PR is a very stressful job, and NYC is an extremely stressful city.   A brain break is needed every now and again, but stress is an incredible motivator (especially for a procrastinator, like myself)

“Get out of your comfort zone” You all know this is my number one piece of advice. NYC taught me that.

But then… “have a ritual” My sister and I go for ice cream almost every Sunday night, and sometimes pancakes at our local diner on Sunday mornings. Find a ritual you love that is quirky and totally you, and stick to it

“If you don’t care, no one will” Sometimes it is easy to get downtrodden, and think your idea isn’t good enough/does not matter.   If you have passion for it, do it!

“What it takes…” This one was too good to rewrite: “Talent gets you invited to camp; determination gets you on the team; teamwork gets you on the field; confidence gets you on the starting unit; love for the game keeps you there. And too many sports metaphors get you smacked in the face.”


What are some life lessons New York has taught you? What do you hope to learn from New York?

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