Indispensable PR Girl Qualities

After coming back from vacation, I have the chance to look at my workload with new eyes.   Before my break, I had a lot of big projects and planning for events that were taking up most of my time.   My team (thankfully) has been handling a lot of it with my absence, but now that I’m back, I’m looking to see how I can contribute even more to our work for the clients.   A and I have outlined how to stand out in the office in your internship, but below are some of the ways you can be indispensable to your clients and your team as you work to move forward in your career.

Be vocal – Nothing drives me more crazy than when a talented PR girl (or guy) keeps to herself. Yes, PR can be super intimidating when you get started, but you’re never going to feel comfortable with your peers if you keep quiet.   If you haven’t talked to your supervisor in person yet today, swing by her desk/office and say hello.   Here your teammates talking about a project in the hallway? Ask them to lunch so you can get the download in person. Face time is one of the most valuable assets in this business, in and out of the office

Bring new information or experience to the table – One of the most interesting aspects of our job is how different everyone’s background can be.   You can have 30 different college majors, degrees, career paths, family backgrounds and hobbies in the room at any given time. Use this to your advantage, and show off your stuff

Don’t forget PR bread and butter – If you run a seamless SMT, have amazing media relationships or are a social media pro, be sure to keep these top of mind in your work for your team. It’s easy to get wrapped up in big projects and planning, but the end goal is RESULTS. Make sure you are continuously bringing media updates or relevant client conversations to each meeting

Think before speaking/acting – This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to spout information or throw a sloppy mailer together when you’re in a rush.   Haste makes waste, especially in PR.   Always be aware of the fact that you are representing someone


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