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For all of our student readers, whether you like it or not, it’s time to start applying for summer internships. We recently connected with the Intern Queen, Lauren Berger, to ask a few questions that might help those of you looking for summer internships particularly in New York City.

For those of you who don’t know,  is a popular online resource for finding internships (I know I definitely used it when I was searching!) and learning how to get the most of your experience. Lauren also recently released a book in January, “All Work, No Pay” about building your resume, finding the right internship and making connections. Be sure to connect with her on  @InternQueen,  Facebook  and

When’s the best time to start searching and applying for summer internships?
NOW is the time to start applying for summer internships. Block out some time this week and let’s get started!

Where are the best places to look for summer internships?  is of course my top choice but your first stop should really be your career center on campus.

How many internships do you suggest having during college?
I suggest having 2 internships under your belt before graduating college. I would say 15, but that would be crazy.

What are your thoughts on interning after graduating?
Interning after graduation is recommended on a case by case basis. If you’ve had no prior internship experience then I would suggest considering a post-graduation internship. If you’ve had internship experience, go after a job!

What’s your advice for standing out during an internship?
Walk in every day and ask yourself, “How can I make the most out of this opportunity?”

Coming from a small town, what’s your advice for landing an internship in NYC?
Baby steps. In my book I talk about my first internship at an advertising and PR firm in Tallahassee, Florida. We all have to start somewhere. Read my book, put together your Intern Queen Dream List, and let’s get started!

How can you make your resume stand out when applying for internships if you don’t have a lot of experience?
Make your resume stand out by tailoring everything to the positions you are applying for. Always think, “if I were the employer, what experience would I want to see on this resume?”

Have you started applying for summer internships? Hitting any roadblocks?

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