Internship Interview Tips

As summer internships come to an end (yikes!), it’s time to start lining up interviews for fall internships. This summer was the first time I had the chance to interview potential interns. Since interns are often looked at as potential employees, it’s honestly difficult to make the judgement call quickly as to whether or not this person could be a fit for the agency.

After being on the other side, there are a few factors I look for when interviewing a potential intern and some that are red flags. He/she…

  • Should be confident in his/her experience.
  • Shouldn’t act like a know-it-all.
  • Should have a solid understanding of public relations.
  • Shouldn’t lack a passion for PR.
  • Should  ask good questions.
  • Shouldn’t talk over the interviewer.
  • Should have a wide range of interests.
  • Shouldn’t only want experience in one topic.
  • Should keep the conversation flowing.
  • Shouldn’t lack enthusiasm.
  • Should follow-up with a short email.
  • Shouldn’t bombard the interviewer a card, phone call and email.
Hopefully this gives you some insight before your next interview. What are your should/shouldn’t when interviewing?
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