It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

I used to use the above phrase with my college girlfriends when we had a week of fun ahead and needed everyone to stay top of their game. Lately, not so much. The office has kicked into high-gear with events before the holidays and 2015 planning is in full effect. Since it’s Marathon Week in New York, we wanted to share some tips on how you can keep sane when work has you going for miles and miles.

Breathe – It’s all going to be OK! Simple breathing or long breathes help tremendously when you’re stressed

Water – Take care of yourself. Be sure to have water, tea or whatever keeps you comfortable. Don’t skip meals. Need to be thinking clear!

Watch Your Pace – It can be easy to slip into a harried frenzy, trying to get as much done as you possibly can. It actually results in more mistakes and work for you. Go slow, giving each task as much time as it needs

Look for Help – I can be the worst at this, wanting to handle everything myself and not want to delegate the assignments “I can do in a second.” If it’s quick but you can’t get to it until you handle 5,128 other things, send it off

Congratulate Yourself – Celebrate the small victories throughout the day. With each item crossed off your to-do list or crisis handled, give yourself a pat on the back

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