January Twitter Party Recap

Last night, M and I hosted our second Twitter Party. For those of you who haven’t been able to join, our Twitter chats are run very informally – we take questions that you tweet us and try to answer as many as we can! If you couldn’t tune into last nights, don’t panic. Below find  a recap of some of the most frequently asked questions. We look forward to the next one!


@zoeytopper: To work at an agency, should we apply to internship postings or entry-level positions if grad in May?

The harsh reality is, you’re probably going to have to start with an internship and work your way up. Even despite already having internships under your belt, entry-level positions are generally given to those that have already interned out of college.

@SocialAvery: I don’t have a minor in marketing, advertising, or GRDE but a minor in French. Yay or nay?

Yay! Any language skills are looked at as extremely beneficial. Minors don’t account for much.

 @HauteWriter: I’m confused about whether or not you should follow-up after submitting a resume.

You definitely should. Email first and then try calling if you don’t get a response. Being persistent is key.

@lydled: What’s the BEST way to get a feel for a firm’s personality/”fit” if you can’t visit in person?

A list of the firm’s clients to see if any spark your interest. You can usually find this on the company website or through Google searches.

@champaigngirl: Does everyone in PR have to be super outgoing?

No! We were both shy when we started, but eventually you learn to break out of your shell and feel comfortable speaking up.

@DeonnahDavis: Do you think it is a smart idea to go cross-country for an internship?

If you can, go for it! It would be a once in a lifetime experience that will surely be worth it. Once you intern in a big city, you can intern anywhere!

@Halle_Byrams: What are some non-typical skills that would be beneficial in PR?

Any language, video & photo editing (Photoshop) and social media skills are extremely beneficial. Also having a niche passion for a certain topic (i.e. you love the food industry and would be a great fit for a food client).

@mhslowikowski: Most are the most common mistake made when applying for internships?

No research on the company, no personalization and tons of spelling errors!

@itsvee001: When do you encourage people to apply for summer internships?

Now! Most companies are already looking and filling the positions.

@tedjakokoneshi How would you describe the life of a woman in the PR field in 3 words?

Fast-paced, exciting and rewarding.

We also got a TON of tweets asking about cover letters. Expect a post in the future, but in the meantime, check out our guide and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @nycprgirls xo

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