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For those who consistently follow the blog, 2012 has been a year of big changes including my move from the Upper East Side to Hoboken last weekend. I also decided to move in with a roommate after two years of living alone after some  debate. Talk about big changes! Luckily, over the past month I found an awesome roommate on Craigslist, and am now living in a great building with a gorgeous view of the city near a ton of my close friends.

For those thinking about moving to Manhattan, I’m sure it can seem intimidating when you begin looking at apartment prices. I mean, I heard on New York Live just this morning that the average price of a one bedroom in Manhattan is now up to $3,500 (yikes!). Another option is to look at places on the outskirts of Manhattan – whether it be the other boroughs of New York (neighborhoods in Queens & Brooklyn  are popular) or New Jersey (Hoboken is a mecca for young professionals). Not only is the rent lower, but you’re clearly going to get more for your money.

While there may be a few inconveniences such as a longer commute (not for me!) and a not being able to take a cab everywhere ($50 from Hoboken to Manhattan), living outside of the city can actually be worth it. After living in Hoboken for just one week, I already find myself not needing to go into the city as much as I thought I would. The restaurants are just as good and the bars are just as much fun – maybe even more!

Other than Manhattan, where are some places you looked to live?

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