Looking Forward to Fall

I still can’t believe the end of August is near, and the summer is drawing to a close. Summer has always been my favorite season. My birthday is in June, my favorite holiday is the Fourth of July and as a Florida girl sunshine is in my blood. But every season does have its perks and fall is a pretty close second to summer.  So here are a few things to be anticipated this fall…

Fashion Week (still technically summer, but on the cusp  of fall)

-Fall foliage in Central Park

Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village

-Oktoberfest at  Zum Schneider

-Twilight premiere

-Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon inflation

-Football season

-Fireplace bars

-Fall fashion

-NYC Marathon

-Hot chocolate at City Bakery

-The rink at Rockefeller Center

-End of day light savings – you get an extra hour in NYC

What are you most looking forward to this fall, or will miss the most this summer?

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