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In case you missed it, A was quoted in an IFB feature entitled “Be Your Own Agent: PR Tactics for the Blogging Community.”   She stressed the importance of social media while promoting your blog and making a connection with your readers.   While Twitter is one of the main ways we reach our audience at nyc PR girls, it’s also one of the channels we get the most questions on when it comes to job hunting and PR careers.   How can I make my Twitter work for me? Will a blog help me with a job search?   Do interviewers care if I’m involved in Pinterest?

To say social media is ever-changing is an understatement.   I am still in the Facebook generation that believes the page was created for college students-only, as a way to meet up before the first class (ancient, I know).   The fact that Twitter pages, Facebook passwords and blogs are now being printed on resumes and offered in interviews still blows my mind.   So how can you take advantage of social media in your career path?

Find an outlet that matches your passion – In terms of nyc PR girls, Adrianna masters our tumblr while I’m starting out our Pinterest page.   A loves taking pictures, and I have an unhealthy obsession with the information gathering (and pretty images) of Pinterest.   Love making smart, witty observations and joining a national conversation? Twitter may be for you.   Choose an outlet that will help you show off your best self.

Stay professional – Though it may be tempting to post a “creative and so cool” picture of your tequila shots spilled all over the bar next to your cheese fries on Facebook, let me give you some advice.   Don’t.   What is this picture saying about you, not just to professional contacts, but friends and family? Keep the rowdiness offline. No judgement.

Make friends – Whether you’re on tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Spotify, whatever… if you find people with similar interests, you can promote eachother.   Social media is one never ending conversation.   Find people who are always talking about your favorite topic, and you’ll always be involved.

How do you use social media to your advantage?

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