Making Twitter Chatter Matter

Twitter is a great source for sharing information, but it can also be a tool in your arsenal to develop your PR profile. Your personal brand is reflected on Twitter with every character, #hashtag and retweet you tweet.

Now, I’m not saying you must be hyper aware of what you post and RT every day, but don’t be foolish. When you apply for a position in a field like Public Relations where social media is extremely prevalent, you can bet your sweet #hashtag that the interviewer is going to be looking up your twitter handle and Facebook page.

Keeping this in mind, you want to be certain that your Twitter is representing yourself (your personal brand), and your fluency in the median.   And I know I don’t have to tell you to keep those profile images classy ‘“ show yourself off in a confident and creative way without being vulgar.

Think you’re off the hook because you don’t have engage in social media? Think again.   I’ve been told by a Human Resources professional that she doesn’t bother calling someone in for an interview if they don’t have a Facebook profile or Twitter handle.

Images via Sticky Comics and Twitter


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