Managing Up

Last week, I posted about managing down and some advice I received for becoming a great manager. While it’s important to appropriately manage down, we also mustn’t forget the importance of managing up. When I first became an intern, I was given a presentation on what managing up means and how to do it effectively. Basically it means going above and beyond in your position while in return helping your managers be more successful at their position. This will set you apart from your colleagues and demonstrate how vital you are to your manager and your team. Below are a few tips I learned on how to successfully manage up:

Look for Responsibility: Don’t always settle for the tasks you are already given. Seek other opportunities to gain more experience and show that you’re willing to step up the plate in all situations. Don’t be afraid to ask your boss if there’s anything else you can work on. It will show your eagerness and willingness to work hard. Also don’t assume that your boss knows all of your capabilities – if you see an opportunity for you to harness one of your greatest strengths, speak up!

Help Your Boss: Look at what’s most important to your manager help them. Think ahead of what they’ll be looking for and provide it for them. Always offer your assistance and get to know them as best as you can.

Check-In Regularly: And I’m not talking about on Foursquare. Take initiative and keep your boss (and your team) updated on the status of your projects without them even asking.

What is some of your advice for managing up?

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