Manhattan Island Time

This is going to be the first weekend I’m in New York since summer started, not counting the weekend I moved (I’d like to think that weekend I was stuck in cardboard box hell).   It’s always nice to get out of the city and enjoy a new place, smelling some sweet salt air.   But I’m kind of looking forward to being at home, catching up on sleep and living it up in the city while it’s not so crowded.

So what to do in the city to take advantage of the summer, that doesn’t involve heading to the stereotypical rooftop bar?   Here are a few ideas:

  • Go see an 80’s or 90’s cover band. Canal Room has great concerts and always an awesome dance party
  • Attend a Yankees or Mets day game.   Want something a little low key? Try a Staten Island Yankees minor league game
  • Finally get to the farmers’ market
  • Sunbathe on Sheep Meadow. Bring LOTS of water (and a frisbee!)
  • Dine alfresco. Trying to save cash? Invite your friends to your apartment and open the windows. Make margaritas and play Mas que Nada Pandora
  • Check out the SummerStage concerts

What do you do when you’re in Manhattan on summer weekends?

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