Manic Monday

Adrianna and I both had crazy weekends, though they could not be more different.   My sister graduated from Fordham University on Saturday, and Adrianna let loose at EDC in Jersey all weekend.   Needless to say, both of us are absolutely fried.

These are the days it seems especially hard to get out of bed and take on the day.   Whether you’re at your office job or trying to peel yourself off the couch to get back onto the internship search, here are a few quick tips on getting your groove back and finding the encouragement to take on the day:

Indulge in your morning routine. Whether it’s green tea and oatmeal or fruit and coffee, make your favorite morning snack and sit yourself in front of the computer. That’s step one

Read something inspiring. Check the news for great stories, catch up on a favorite blog or tumblr, or read an email from an old friend

Put on some tunes. For some, this is counter productive. I actually work best when I’ve got music going in my ears. Pandora is a lifesaver for my radio ADD. In the course of a couple hours I can go from top 40s to house to classic rock

Talk to a colleague. Getting the dirt from the weekend will help sedate the social buzz you have going on from the weekend. Indulge in a little gossip, then buckle down and get to work


How do you take on your Mondays?


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