District PRofile: Upper East Side

As some of you may know from peeking in our “About” section or following us on Twitter, A and I live on the Upper East Side just one block from one another.  Though I’m currently looking for a new apartment, I can’t seem to tear myself away from this neighborhood.  It’s the ideal place to come home to at night – a safe distance away from the stereotypical bustle of the city, while still keeping that New York charm.  Below I’ve listed some of my “must-see” places on the Upper East Side:

FOOD J.G. Melon: One of the best burger joints in New York.  Don’t second guess yourself when you’re there – it is absolutely worth the wait behind young families and prepsters impressing their dates.  The waffle fries are to die for, and the burger might as well be made of butter.  Fantastic lunch or early dinner spot.

TO DO Metropolitan Museum of Art: An obvious must-see when on the Upper East Side.  Early this summer, the Met is hosting Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty among other exhibits.  After taking in the culture, there is an entrance to Central Park next door for a mid-day stroll.

DESSERT Two  Little Red Hens Bakery: According to Bethenny Frankel, the red velvet cake cannot be beat.  Grab a slice with a friend when walking back from the Met on 85th street.

TO DRINK Dorrian’s or Jones Wood Foundry:  A and I went back and forth on this one.  It really depends on your taste.  A likes Dorrian’s for this list because of its Upper East Side infamy (used to be a go-to bar for the Yankees after home games. Now it’s a go-to for entry-level finance boys and their gal pals).  I would highly suggest trying out Jones Wood Foundry, a modern british pub in the area with cute bartenders and great appetizer list.


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