Networking for Post-Grad Jobs 101

Despite our recent posts on landing your dream job or internship, we still receive many questions on how to get your foot in door. In the time of Facebook, it can be hard to discern who is a ‘connection,’ and who is a random acquaintance you stumbled on while stalking the Maroon 5 fan page (just me? OK then).   Really it comes down to this – a connection is someone or some event you can efficiently use to help reach a career goal.   Here are a few hints on where you can find such connections.

Campus or Industry Events – When I was in college, during one of the last weeks of school I received an email newsletter from our career services department. Most these newsletters were of no help throughout the year, so I was about to hit delete when I saw ‘Dior’ in the subject.   Career services had arranged for students to visit the Dior offices for a Q&A session with a HR rep.   I jumped at the RSVP, thinking slots would be limited.   At the event, only 10 girls were in attendance, and maybe 3 of those girls were seniors.   No, we didn’t land jobs at Dior right that moment, but I can honestly say I learned a ton and met some great people (and grabbed the HR representative’s card).   Be on the lookout for these little known events through the end of the year and during the summer.

LinkedIn – Some of you may know I recently took a new job (more on this later).   The entire process began on LinkedIn.   Be sure your resume is uploaded, and call out your true passions and interests in the field on your homepage.   If you want to be contacted for opportunities, say so.

Personal Relationships – Do NOT be afraid to utilize these. Once you start talking about your goals and your dream job to friends and family, you’d be surprised what the universe decides to deliver you. When you call or email to follow up on a connection, be very clear and professional.   Ask for an informational interview to start, and bring your resume. Maybe your uncle’s neighbor isn’t hiring right now, but he knows your face and has it on good authority (your uncle) that you’re a stand-up girl.

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