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This week, I was pulled onto my first new business pitch. It was definitely a nerve-wracking, yet fun and insightful experience for me. Public speaking isn’t necessarily my forte, but I tend to enjoy the rush and feeling of accomplishment afterwards. The new business process is something I learned about while working my current agency in New York, but I think it’s worth sharing the process for those who  have yet to be part of a pitch on their own.

  • The brand reaches out to several different agencies expressing their interest in hiring a PR firm.
  • The brand provides background information on their company and some insight into their wants and needs.
  • The agency presents its capabilities to the brand with a formal meet-and-greet.
  • The brand narrows down it’s top three to four agencies.
  • The brand submits a RFP (Request for Proposal) to the selected agencies
  • The agency pulls together a core team to develop a campaign idea/strategy.
  • The agency presents its ideas to the brand.
  • The brand selects is agency for business and you hopefully win the pitch!

The process isn’t always as clean-cut as above. Sometimes the agency is pulled in several times to represent its ideas or develop new ones. Ultimately, it’s the PR specialists job to connect with the potential client and see if it’s a good “fit” for the agency and vice versa.

Have you had experience being part of a new business pitch? What did you like about it?

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