Newsletters for a PR Girl’s Inbox

As if we don’t get enough emails in our inbox everyday, over the year  I’ve signed up for a  countless amount of  newsletters and found there are very few I stay subscribed to and fully read. So I wanted to pull together  the top three newsletters  every PR girl  can benefit from and look forward to daily, each serving a different purpose.

1. PR Daily Newsletter  – Hands down the best compilation of the top marketing, social media and PR news of the day. A  must read for every PR professional,  sign up on

2. Who What Wear  Newsletter  – For the PR fashionista, learn about the latest trends and what celebrities are wearing  in  the chicest email  for your inbox. Subscribe on

3. Guest of a Guest Newsletter –  A New Yorkers  guilty pleasure. Get the scoop on the  latest events, people and places  in the city and  join the fun  via

So what makes these newsletters great? Topic-focused, easy-to-read, original and  informative  content. It’s a sure way to keep people from clicking “unsubscribe”.

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