Noisy vs. Quiet Office

Yesterday, we received an email question that raises a topic I hadn’t really thought about:

I recently graduated college with my Bachelor’s in Communications and was offered an internship at a local PR firm. Two months into my four month internship, they offered me a job, which I graciously accepted. I am very happy here! My colleagues are wonderful people with diverse personal and professional backgrounds.

Around the time that they hired me full time, they also hired a new Assistant Account Manager. She and I have become very close. She was telling me about her last job and how it was louder than it is here. We are apparently a very quiet firm. A few of my colleagues have recently expressed an interest in being a more interactive office.

We have a suggestion box in the kitchen where you can make requests anonymously. We were talking about suggesting that we liven things up a bit. How should we go about making this suggestion?

A noisy vs. a quiet office is definitely a personal preference. The first internship I had in New York City was in an office with four other people who were silent. You could literally hear a pin drop. This was hard for me because personally I enjoy chatting and socializing with others throughout the day.

The agency I currently work at I would say is in the middle. You hear people talking and a ton of things going on, but that doesn’t mean that the office is ‘œloud’. It’s relatively quiet within your cube but it’s not dead silent where everyone stares at you if you ask a question.

You should definitely go about suggesting specific things that will liven up the office. This could include:

  • Mini brainstorms throughout the day
  • Open conversations to bounce new ideas off each other
  • Play music! We did this in my old office
  • Snack breaks
  • Bring pets to work- I heard this happens

What other ideas can you come up with to liven up the office? Do you prefer a noisy or quiet workplace?


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