nyc PR girls Redesign

For some of our avid readers, you know that M and I have had this blog for about 2 years now – which is crazy to even think about. Along the journey we’ve interacted with tons of aspiring professionals like ourselves and continue to be inspired daily to share our advice and experiences while working in public relations and living in the city. We’ve recently been thinking about how we could give our site a little refresh, while keeping the same nyc PR girls look and feel you’ve come to know over the years.

One of our good friends and fellow blogger, Nichole Ciotti at Vanilla Extract, also owns her own marketing boutique in San Francisco called Blinc Agency (check out the website if you get a chance – it’s awesome). Her and her partner Brian were up to the challenge of redesigning our site, with a new logo, sharing features and much more.

As part of the redesign, we’d also love your input and thoughts on how to make our site better and more interactive because after all, this site is meant for you! Please leave your comments below and we’ll take everyone’s input into consideration.

Plus, shout out to the amazing team at Blinc Agency for your hard work! We greatly appreciate it.




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