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In true PR girl fashion, we have left the majority of our holiday gift shopping to the last minute (and the next pay day).  There is a laundry list of people to dote on, and it can be overwhelming (and expensive) if you don’t organize your list straight away.  Below we’ve outlined some of our favorite gifts, keeping a budget of around $50 to each recipient so you can treat yourself to a manicure when this is all done:

For your office BFF: The office girls love beauty products, even if they work in the beauty practice.  This is what Sephora gift sets were made for.  Choose a chic eye shadow palette (we’re currently obsessed with the Bobbi Brown Ultimate Party Palette) or a collection of nail colors like Essie’s Cocktail Collection.

For your managers:  Something classic and not too campy works best here.  Try a nice collection of bath products, like Crabtree and Evelyn’s Christmas Collections, like their Heritage line.  If you know she has been interested in trying to take a cooking or wine tasting class, look for a nice cookbook or bottle of wine.

For your parents: My parents are always the most difficult to purchase for.  Sometimes it works best to invest in an experience rather than a gift.  Has your dad always wanted to tour the Finger Lakes?  Does Mom love the brunch place or spa downtown?  Buy gift certificates or vouchers to treat them to a day of indulgence.

For your brother, best man friend,  boyfriend: If you’ve known the guy in question for a while (if it’s your brother, that’s a yes), a casual watch is always a nice choice.  We like the Timex Original Camper or Adidas Peachtree watches.  I also like giving concert tickets to boys, so long as you’re 100% confident in their taste in music.

For your sister/Real Life BFF: Aside from giving her some fabulous swag from the office, luxe accessories are my favorite for the women in your life (and you get to dress up your best friend – fun!).  The Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet is pure genius, and his Leopard Fringe Scarf is absolutely divine.

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