NYU Women in Communications PR Panel

Last night, A and I were thrilled to be a part of the New York University Women in Communications PR Panel. We were on the panel alongside other PR professionals including Angela Bilog, head of PR and Marketing at Lomography, Kym Canter, Creative Director at L-atitude, Lauren Ellison of Mission PR and Perry Sun of DeVries Public Relations. We touched on some really informative topics such as our favorite campaigns, our biggest PR mistakes and what we look for out of interns and new hires.  Below are some of the questions we were asked last night, as well as our thoughts.

Where did you make your PR start in college?

Adrianna and I had two very different answers here.  Adrianna always knew she wanted to get into PR, so she took a few internships and did communications in college.  I never knew what PR WAS, until I researched a few industries that were heavy in writing and came to PR.  Both of us agreed that experience and internships are IMPERATIVE when choosing your path in PR during college.

What does your day-to-day look like?

No day is the same!  We are always pitching, monitoring, answering emails, drafting client documents. But one day you could be throwing together media deliveries, the next you’re on a flight to LA for a client meeting, the next you’re at Fashion Week.  Every day is different!

What was your favorite campaign to work on and why?

Each of us have those “baby” campaigns that we worked on from the start and loved to see grow.  Anything unique that challenges us (Adrianna said sponges and I said Cream of Wheat), is a favorite campaign of ours.

What qualities are you looking for when hiring an intern?

Someone who is resourceful and willing to learn. It’s okay to ask questions, but use your head and come prepared.  Have some passion for what you do.  Even if it’s hauling suitcases down Sixth Avenue to a celebrity’s hotel, find some glamour in the every day.

What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

Adrianna and I rely on each other a lot for this one.  We pretty much are talking all day long via text or gchat, so we have our friendship as a support system.  It’s important to create a “safe space” at work so you feel comfortable where you work and who you’re working with, but also have an escape…whether it’s a walk outside or Pinterest.

How do you focus on the “relations” part of media relations?

Making calls or writing emails every day, and planning in person lunches or breakfasts! Face time is important.  Treat these people like friends, not machines.  Be sure to tailor pitches to each editor and outlet.

What are some mistakes you’ve made at work?

We all agreed – watch out for reply all!

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Adrianna and I would love to see the blog grow.  We hope to continue creating this online resource for girls and guys looking to get into PR, since we didn’t have one when we were first starting out.  We are continuously inspired by our colleagues and readers, we just want to continue sharing the love!

Major thanks to the Women in Communications Group for having us!


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