Justin Bieber Nail Polish Collection

In what has to be one of the best collaborations of all time,  the hunt for  Justin Bieber’s “One Less Lonely Girl Collection” of Nicole by OPI nail polish is over. The polish, which many were skeptical about, sold out in stores faster than it could dry on  their fingertips  (see here).  Therefore, I had to  own it and purchased both Prized Possession Purple (grape) and Give Me This First Dance (silver).  

Unexpected collaborations like this can either be positive or negative in regards to public relations.  On one hand,  it can reach an entirely different demographic and fan base through the spokesperson’s awareness and  likeability.  On the other hand, it can  spoil  the  image of  both the brand and spokesperson with limitless negative coverage.

In this case I say thumbs up.  Not only are the colors fun, but they give a piece of Bieber to his large enourmous fan base regardless of skeptics and clearly, it sells. Can’t wait to see what  Justin comes out with next. Bieber tampons anyone?


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