Our First Twitter #PRchat

Last night, A and I hosted our very first Twitter party.   We were so excited to see so many of you join in – we were not expecting such an overwhelmingly great response!   The Twitter party just made us more pumped up for some of the exciting things we have going on with the blog this month.

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights from last night’s chat.   Since we only had a few characters to answer last night, I’ve elaborated with a few of them:

@Britni_Akir:  how do you find a good mentor that will take the time to guide a newbie?

Reach out to someone who inspires you in your field.   If they are worth their salt, they will be more than happy to be your mentor!

@city_girlxo: what is the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing people grow in the industry, and having pride in your work. A and I love the media, so seeing a placement come through is like seeing your baby all grown up!

@michelle779: how old is “too old” to intern?

Never too old! Everyone needs to start off with valuable experience.

@PR_Couture: what’s the biggest misconeption you experience as @nycprgirls

It’s not all glamorous. No Samantha Jones here!

@itsvee001: what are your favorite pr websites to read daily?

We always read PR Daily, PR Couture, AdWeek and MediaBistro.

@Patty_Mitchell3: what do you feel is the number one skill hiring managers look 4?

Experience is essential. But you also must have an understanding of the industry, a true interest in the company, and plenty of passion and drive.

@smode19: what are the best perks to being a PR like you?

Meeting fantastic people, getting to experience new things and new places, going out of your comfort zone, and yes… the swag!

@stylenovelKJ: favorite item in your closet to wear when meeting a new client?

My go-to outfit is a smart pencil skirt, clean shirt and a statement necklace. And of course, sky-high pumps.

@LBStellmann: what is the best way to get your foot in the door?

Research and sound knowledgeable about the company! PR firms receive hundreds of applicants, but those who have a true interest in the company’s clients and culture are the ones who get asked for the interviews.

@stylenovelKJ: what’s the best part about having a partner in crime? 

Having someone that understands you & gives great advice!


I think A and I definitely got across a couple points – experience and internships are ESSENTIAL, and be confident in yourself and your abilities as a PR girl!   Be sure to look on our twitter page to see all the tweets we received last night!

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night! We’ll be sure to plan another one soon. And if you have any other questions, be sure to email us or tweet us @nycprgirls.

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