Overcome the Overwhelming

This week is a little hectic for me.  Aside from having mountains of new 2013 work to get started, I’m only in the office three days this week before I head to Sundance to work a celebrity suite for a client.  While I’m excited to go back again this year, leaving the office for travel is intimidating on its own without the pressures of new projects and needy clients.

So it goes without saying, I’m a little overwhelmed this week.  We’ve talked about stress and time management multiple times on nyc PR girls, but I think it’s always a good idea to take a step back and look and what you can do to help yourself and your team when the workload gets to be too much.

Schedule your day, down to the minute – Set specific times for specific projects, so you cannot avoid doing the work or procrastinate. If you need to, block off your Outlook calendar so other team members can see you are busy working on assignments. Make sure to schedule in a Starbucks run to keep your sanity.

Put details in writing – ESPECIALLY if you’re going out of town or will be unavailable at events, etc.  You may have discussed your work with your team and supervisors at countless meetings, but it’s always a good idea to send an email with an outline of the work you need done in your absence (or what you’re working on currently). When I first started, I thought this kind of team reporting was a waste of time, but its incredibly helpful to have your team on the same page.

Take your time – Though you might be rushing to get assignments finished, don’t let your work suffer because you have 500 other items on your plate.  Give yourself time to produce quality work.  Your supervisors will be much more thankful for a well-thought out press release rather than a rough outline with a million edits.

Admit when it gets to be too much – I have a bad habit of taking on more than I can handle, and it makes me nervous when other team members do the same.  Make sure you tell your team when you need help. It is SO much worse to miss a deadline or turn in messy work than to ask for a hand.  That’s what a team is for!


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