PR Twitter Tips: October 2014

It’s hard to believe we’re already six days in – but Happy November! October was quite a busy month – with the Hunt, Octoberfest, my birthday and Halloween I’m sad to see it go. Below are some of our favorite #PR101 Twitter Tips from the month of October. Thanks to all that tweeted.


: How to Diffuse Exposure of a Dirty Secret: get ahead of the story, admit you messed up and ‘humanize’ yourself.

: Co-worker just said, “The only ‘no’ we say is ‘no problem.'” How accurate.

: Stop relating PR to Sex and the City. The real life PR girl requires more hard work and less glamour.

: “Ask yourself – if I scrolled past this in my inbox, would I stop and look at it?” -

: What I lack in experience, I more than make up for with creativity and hard work.

: It is very important to not take for granted that content has to engage your audience.

: Just because you can use social media, doesn’t mean you should.

: Before asking a question ALWAYS think, “is there somewhere I could find the answer to this on my own first?”

: My number one saying is: PR starts when you walk out the door.

: Less is more. Keep press releases to one page.

: Good PR is not always about saying ‘Yes’. It’s just as important to be able to say ‘No’.

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Where Does The Time Go?

On your busiest days, it feels like time is slipping through your fingers. All of the sudden it is 5pm and you have conquered little on your to-do list. Usually the culprit can be found lurking in your inbox or the distraction of a packed meeting schedule. If you really have stuff to get done and don’t have time to run out of time, here are a few of the repeat offenders to watch out for:

Micro-Managing Manager – Everyone has had a manager that likes to see every step of your process and double check on every little thing. The goal here is to be proactive so the micro-manager feels comfortable about your work. Send your to-do list ahead of time or schedule daily calls to talk about your workload and process.

Co-Workers/Clients on Email Overload – If an email chain is going into 5, 6 emails deep, just pick up the phone. You’ll explain yourself more clearly and avoid any confusion. Not to mention save on the time it takes to type.

Procrastination – Here is where I am the worst. You assume a project will only take you an hour, only to put it off for two hours and find you actually needed three. Start the task – if you find yourself moving at a fast pace and need a break, take 10 minutes for every 50 minutes you work.

Mishandling Multitasking – The truth is, we can rarely multitask efficiently. If you have a large project, get off of email for at least an hour. While you’re jumping in to answer questions or requests, you’re distracting from the real work that needs to get done.

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10 Ways to Stay Happy at Work

Every so often we get into a slump at work (mainly on Mondays). It can be hard to stay motivated and even happy when you’re getting down on yourself about the amount of work you have on your plate or how you feel about the office as a whole. Here are a few ways to remain happier at work.

  • Make a work bestie. It’s so important to have that friend at work you can vent to. While you can easily vent to other friends, a person you directly work with will have a better understanding.
  • Keep your personal life at home. Try to not think about any personal problems and focus on work.
  • Actually take a lunch break. Even for 20 minutes. Sit down to each lunch and step away from your computer a bit.
  • Stay organized. Take time to create your to do list every morning and keep a regimented schedule to stay focused.
  • Keep positive. You are in control of how you feel about your work every day. Remind yourself why you got into your job in the first place and stay as positive as you can.
  • Find your purpose. Is there a special niche or topic you enjoy? Show your value and worth to the company and it will make you feel more meaningful.
  • Ask for feedback. Find out what it is you can improve on and set your mind to improving it.
  • Avoid negativity. Stay away from the gossip or coworkers that are clearly also very unhappy.
  • Reward yourself. Finish a daunting assignment? Grab yourself a piece of chocolate. You deserve it.
  • Speak up. If you’re unhappy with your boss, coworkers or workload, say something to a trusted manager. The longer you hold it in, the worse it gets.

How do you stay happy at work?

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The Scariest PR Mistakes

Happy Halloween! In light of one of my favorite holidays, here are some of the scariest mistakes PR professionals can make.

  • Sending an email to the wrong person. Terrifying and traumatizing.
  • Misspelling in a presentation. For new business, clients or even your boss.
  • The insensitive tweet. These happen more than they should.
  • A bad placement. When the reporter is given the wrong information and runs it.
  • Calling a reporter while on deadline. And basically getting your head ripped off.
  • Forgetting to hit the mute button. When talking to your colleague on a conference call.
  • Calling a reporter the wrong name. Oops.
  • Dressing down and without makeup. When you have a client meeting.
  • When a client email goes unanswered. The horror.
  • Sending a fluffy pitch during a national crisis. And being blasted by the media.
  • Over-promising results to the client. Something you should never do.

What are some other scary mistakes PR professionals make?

Have a safe and happy holiday.

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