Mini Daily Lifesavers for the Career Girl

Have to say I’m a little proud that I had some of you fooled with the post yesterday, though also a little scared. Though it is a dream of mine to have  chicken coop in my backyard at one point in my life, I know New York City is my home for the foreseeable future.  Yes, it can be stressful here, but we always hope to encourage our readers to believe that if you want to make it here, you CAN make it here.

That belief comes a little bit easier if you learn to take time each and every day to enrich your life. I was really inspired by this post on The Everygirl with “The New Meaning of Luxury.” After a crazy March with work and personal commitments, I’m looking forward to embracing spring and greeting each day with a positive attitude and fun, simple activities. Even in the middle of chilly spring showers, the urban weekdays can have their charms.

Here are a few daily lifesavers you can slip into your workday routine:

Enjoy your coffee/tea time – Buy yourself a pretty mug. Get some tea you really like (I like this one from Yogi) or pick a coffee from the office you can deal with, and add stevia and almond milk. Catch up on news of the day (The Skimm is a favorite) and don’t do any work just yet. Taking 5 minutes to myself each morning, even if it’s at my desk, helps my sanity by 10 fold.

Have a virtual escape – This is my favorite. Every day I always try to check a few blogs I love for creative and style inspiration. While I love Pinterest, there are a few tumblr blogs I really love. I also always check With Love from Kat, Cupcakes and Cashmere, The Glitter Guide and Vanilla Extract.

Keep beauty essentials on hand – I’m a little spoiled here because I work in beauty PR, but the last week I spent away from my desk and my favorite hand lotion I was DYING. My hands are still trying to recoup. It’s good to have a little beauty routine at your desk to keep you feeling good. I use hand lotion a couple times a day, and try to remember cuticle oil when I’m on a long call.

Have a sweet thang – I’m addicted to sugar, and need to control it. But I find if I indulge just a tad at the end of the day or after lunch, I’m happier over all. For the every day, have a couple squares of dark chocolate. When it’s getting a little rough, try a new gourmet cookie, cupcake or doughnut from a local shop

Set the mood – I love the new Spotify “Browse” feature with mood playlists. Right now I’m listening to “Rainy Day” for a soft background. When I’m super stressed, I also light a lavender candle I have in my office. If candles are a no-no (most the time, they are), find another way to add fragrance to your office space. Changes your world.

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The Grass is Always Greener

It’s with mixed feelings I write this post. For years, Adrianna and I have written about how fantastic it is to have a career in public relations and live in bustling New York City.

I have to come clean – I have been planning my escape to work on an organic farm in northern New York for the past few months, and it is finally coming to life. PR and New York City have given me some great opportunities, but the commitment to my dreams, happiness and success I found became too much. I need something simpler, and I know I’ll find it outside this city. And potentially with a coop full of chickens.

In a way, I feel like I’m giving up. But I hope you will all understand and hopefully – you’ll find you own organic farm dreams one day. The grass is always greener, but my grass will be organically sustained.

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What to Tell Your Parents About PR

May graduation is only a few weeks away and college seniors are getting the inevitable question, “so what’s your plan for a job?” Many college seniors are feeling the pressure to come up with a good answer, and for those pursuing a career in public relations, you might get a few blank face stares back when you say you’re getting into PR. Because that’s like advertising, right?

What to Tell Your Parents About PR

Defining PR is always difficult but instead of resorting to a comparison of Samantha in Sex and the City (which won’t give your parents the best impression), here a few pointers to highlight that will get them just as excited as you are about your PR career.

  • Get the word out. Our job is basically to make our clients look good and “get the word out” (the only thing my parents understand) by hosting events, planning media interviews, aligning with celebrities etc.
  • A people’s person career. PR is all about networking, meeting new faces and communicating daily with clients and media. In other words, you’ll meet lots of people and make new friends.
  • Travel really fun places to do cool things. Random trips to places you’ve never been before will happen. Did I ever think I’d be traveling to Dallas for the NCAA Final Four? Nope, but I am. Thanks to working in PR.
  • Get creative. PR is all about coming up with the next best, big idea. You get to brainstorm really fun, over-the-top ideas that will get you media attention.
  • Work with famous people. Working with celebrities in inevitable in PR and guess what? Even though celebrities can be a pain in the a$$, it’s a major perk and gives you bragging rights.
  • Good pay. Note that I’m not saying great, but working in PR you will have a decent salary. Your starting salary is rough, but that’s expected with any career.

How did your parents react when you said you were getting into public relations?

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How a PR Girl Handles the First Date

I have found that being in public relations has helped me countless other ways in my social life. While I’m naturally a bit shy and introverted, PR forced me to break out of my shell. Now I enjoy introducing myself to new people and learning new things about life I would never have known before.


If you’re in the dating scene AND in public relations – congrats, you pretty much rock at this. Going on your first date is not only about representing your best self, but also having fun in a new and foreign territory with another new and foreign person. here are some ways PR girls maneuver and succeed on the first date:

  • A PR girl will always know what spot to go to for a date, whether you’re looking of low key, flashy, fun or romantic (thanks to multiple events and site visits)
  • PR girls love to dress up, but know when too much is too much
  • Your PR girl date will read the room, know exactly where to sit to get the most privacy, and always be polite with the service staff
  • A PR girl knows when someone is nervous or overly excited, and helps their date feel more comfortable (thanks to media training more than a few fumbling brand spokespeople and CEO’s)
  • Your PR girl crush will have plenty of interesting stories about any number of topics, whether it be the backstage behavior of a crazy celeb or the down and dirty details of your favorite athlete (we’ve worked too many press events not to have a few stories stashed up)
  • A PR girl will guide the conversation but never jump down your throat, and always ask thoughtful questions (again, media training)
  • Should an unexpected snafu occur, your PR girl date will be on crisis management lockdown and clean it up before you can blink (you don’t know the disasters we deal with daily)


How else do you think PR girls handle dating with ease?

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