Make the Most of This Weekend

Lately I have been the worst about being and staying lazy for my entire weekend. While I can blame the cold or too many late nights at the office, really I just need to pony up and make myself a plan. I leave Sunday for a work trip before traveling for Thanksgiving and then a week at home, so I really need to pack in as much holiday-prep time in the city before I leave.

Here’s how:

  • Actually wake up at a decent hour and get out of bed for a full breakfast
  • Go for a brisk run or walk
  • Even when on the couch, be productive by buying holiday gifts
  • OR, go out shopping rather than sticking on the couch
  • Get up and bake some goodies for your friends or co-workers
  • Make plans for a quick lunch date with a friend
  • If you do feel like binging on TV, do it with a loved one who can enjoy it with you
  • Find a new fun spot for dinner

How do you make sure you’re getting the best of your weekends?


Keep Your Head During the Holidays

I do love this time of year – it’s a time of festive fun before the big winter chill. Bundling up to go out in the cold is new, and doesn’t feel like a chore yet. You put on your makeup, and you don’t sweat it off in the subway. Flannel is endearing, not a necessity. You day dream about how you can make people glow with little gifts this year. Everyone is happy and carrying red Starbucks cups.

It can also be a hectic time, especially when mixing end-of-year office projects with social obligations. Even now, before Thanksgiving, I’m starting to notice my calendar filling up and my daily routine has been completely thrown out the window.

You can combat the craziness that ensues this time of year by letting go of your connection to your routine and pick up a few comforting rituals that you keep at any time during the week. For example, while I used to get up and run every morning, now I have one spin class that I look forward to each week. Even if my workouts vary because of other commitments, at least I know I will always go to my spin class. OR, if you are used to eating meals at home but are called out of the house by friends and happy hours, choose your favorite meal and make a pact to make it at least once a week (and save leftovers for lunch). Having familiar habits but letting go of the guilt because you aren’t executing them as often as you like can help you chill out just a bit. Oh, and try to have a green smoothie once in a while for a kick of antioxidants.

How do you keep your head during the holidays?


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Confession: I Love Procrastination

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As a somewhat successful PR person, this is an embarrassing thing to admit. I’ve always been a procrastinator. I’d rather squeeze a few more minutes out of being lazy, finding distractions, or indulging in guilty pleasures before I have to get to the task at hand. Even if I know I would be done with an assignment or job in an hour, or a half an hour, and I could continue with my distraction after that time, I’d rather keep away from the work until the last possible minute.

And here’s the thing – I love it.

I love not getting out of bed until I would be late with one more minute spent under the covers. I love combing Pinterest for decor ideas before going out in the cold for lunch. I’d rather keep answering emails and reading the news until I have to start writing that press release. I love it. To me, that feels like balance. It let’s me feel like I have control over my schedule.

If you haven’t guessed, it’s a false-sense-of-security kind of relationship. And it’s cyclic.

Bills go unpaid. Deadlines are missed. This leads to more stress and more of a feeling that I “need a break,” which in turn leads to more procrastination. I know, it’s insanity.

So each day, I have to remind myself not to procrastinate. I have to remember that while momentary pleasure may feel like I’m “getting what I want,” I’m actually never really in control of my schedule and this is a mirage. Hard work will pay off, including with time off and easy days at the office.

How do you avoid procrastination?


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When “Phoning it In” Is a Good Thing


Take the above with a grain of salt. I’m not recommending that you kick up your feet and tell your to-do list to put it where the sun don’t shine. But I am suggesting that sometimes, when you’re able, to take a step back. I had that experience recently, when I looked ahead at my calendar and almost had a meltdown. Between client meetings and presentations and pitching responsibilities, I didn’t know when I would be able to breathe.

But then I did. I took an objective look at my to-do list and crossed off the things that I could either delegate, get help on, or really weren’t as big as I was making in my head. Then those items I was dreading, like meetings I was nervous for or slides I needed to do, I decided I would take all the stress out. I just did it. Without emotion. And at the end of the day, I was surprised how much energy I had left over!

Most of the time, it’s wonderful to get passionate about your job. It helps fuels you and your team, it gets your client excited, and it helps you come to work each day. But in busy times it can sometimes drag you down and take too much energy. Sometimes, “phoning in” your passion just to get the work done efficiently and you have some time to think can open your eyes to other possibilities and new passion points.

How do you control your emotions in a crazy week?


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