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The past week I’ve been counting down the days to July – I have a few trips planned and the beach to look forward to (not to mention the upcoming long weekend). In my impatience for something new to pop into my routine, I realized that I was being a little silly – the spontaneity I was looking for is totally my own making.

This article from Huffington Post has encouraged me to look outside my daily routine and stop saving the super-fun times for special occasions. Not only does getting outside your comfort zone and challenging yourself promote those happy-hormones we all like to have, but it also promotes creativity and sociability. So this summer, I’m going to try to challenge myself to do something new every day, no matter how small. When my inclination might be to say no (and just hop on the couch to watch Scandal), I’m going to try to say yes. Here are a couple ways you can find a little spark of adventure in your every day:

  • Try a new beauty or fashion trend that you never thought you would take on, whether it’s color mascara, chalk in your hair, or a crop top on Saturdays
  • Walk the OPPOSITE direction of where you usually go for lunch, and bring a friend! Find a place to sit down and actually take a lunch break (it feels like mini-hooky!)
  • Make baked goods at home one night after work. Bring them into the office to share with everyone
  • Go to the same bar every weekend? Go to a completely different part of town for a completely different vibe
  • Go to the department store and try on those $600 shoes. Or even better, go to the jewelry store and try on that diamond!
  • Devoted to your spin class instructor? Change gears entirely and try rowing or a bootcamp class, or join a sports league
  • Watch your favorite Food Network show and make a recipe 100% from start to finish, with no shortcuts
  • If you usually work out alone, ask a friend to join you for a run
  • Offer to babysit for a friend while they take a date night
  • Host a game night – this could become a tradition if you start to love that winning high

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Six Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Getting Responses

In April, we highlighted the top five resume mistakes you’re most likely making. As recent graduates are tirelessly sending out their resume to as many job listings as possible, many aren’t getting any responses. Here are six reasons as to why employers aren’t biting on your resume.

  • You didn’t review requirements. Most job listings include requirements for the position. Make sure you meet all of the qualifications before carelessly submitting your resume. It’s a waste of your and the employers time.
  • The format makes it difficult to read. Your resume should be consistently formatted clearly with appropriated qualifications highlighted at the top.
  • You didn’t follow directions. Some employers outline how they would like resumes be submitted. Make sure to follow directions carefully. Email if it says email, use the web from if requested, etc.
  • The listing is outdated. Check the date of the job listings. Most of the time they’re over a month old and the position is likely already filled.
  • You didn’t follow-up. If you submitted your resume via email, follow-up several days after. If it’s to a general HR email, you most likely won’t be get a response. See if you know anyone that works at the company or research a person HR contact. If it was through a job listing, do the same and find the most appropriate person to follow-up with. Otherwise your resume will be forgotten.
  • You have a reused resume. It’s sometimes obvious to employers when you’re just copy and pasting your cover letter and resume to multiple employers. Personalizing your emails and resume to each position is key.

Have you been sending out your resume tirelessly? Tell us what you’re experiencing!

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The Stuff to Stash for Summer

Beach Bag

This is the first Friday of the season I’m jumping-up-and-down excited for. I’m finally all moved into my apartment (last box collapsed last night!), and the West Village is starting to feel like home. With moving anxiety behind me, I have nothing but a sunny summer ahead of me to look forward to.

I have two weeks before I head to the beach, but I’m still planning on taking advantage of the sun by heading to the park, outdoor restaurants or friends’ balconies to chill out and enjoy a margarita. First and foremost, that involves packing the perfect beach bag so you’re never in short supply of your seasonal needs. I just recently got my hands on this Resort tote from Lilly Pulitzer and fell in love – not only is the print fabulous, but the material is durable enough to withstand sand and sea salt.

So, what’s inside?

Something new to read - I want to run through new books like water over the next few weeks. Where’d You Go, Bernadette has been on my list for months

RoséDuring the winter, you can usually find me drinking whiskey or red wine. When the weather heats up, I turn to sparkling wines like prosecco or champagne, and rosé (and nothing like a Corona with a lime after a hard day). Pick a new label you’ve never tried like this Whispering Angel, and bring to your girlfriend’s place or the park

A sturdy blanket – In my experience, at least one person in your group will forget their beach towel and you’ll be squished sharing a dinky rectangle. I love beach blankets like this one from Roxy Quicksilver so you can share the love

Ray-BansOf course.

Beauty needs - Always, always, always with the sunscreen. I promise you, you will tan. After getting a WICKED burn last summer that left me soaking in green tea and aloe for three days, I am a sunscreen evangelist. I’m keeping this great-smelling Coola on hand so I can spray it whenever without a gloppy lotion-y mess. Other than that, the only beauty item I bother to reapply is lip color to complement the bronze – and I love Maybelline Baby Lips.
What’s in your beach bag? Don’t forget to get out there and enjoy the summer sun! Tag #SummerinLilly and share with us!



The Five Questions Every Intern Should Ask

As summer internships continue, we already posted about the five common mistakes interns make. One of them is being afraid to ask questions. When you start an internship, you’re not expected to know everything about the field. In fact, it’s the opposite. Interning is not the time to act like a know it all and go with the flow. You want to ask as many questions as possible so you can learn as much as possible. Here are a few questions every intern should ask their mentor/manager on a daily basis.

Intern Questions

  • What is this for? Always ask this. Whether you’re pulling together a media list, a mailer, making a copy of something – ask what it’s for.
  • What does that mean? PR pros have their own language. There is a lot of PR jargon thrown around the office every single day. Ask what SMT means. Ask what ROI means. This is the only way to learn.
  • Can I come? Hear about an event or meeting that’s of interest? Ask if you can come. Don’t be offended if the answer is no, but most likely they would love to have an intern tag along.
  • Why am I doing this? Similar to what is this for, ask why you’re doing it. It will help you put two and two together.
  • Why is this happening? See something interesting going on in the office and unsure of what it’s for? Find out the why.
  • Ask all of these questions again – multiple times. Don’t think you’re coming off as annoying. The more questions you ask, the better. And of course, take notes.

What are some other questions interns should ask?

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