Relate Your Professional Goals with Your Personal Life



I had my yearly review recently, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Things have been so crazy insane at the office, I haven’t had a chance to slow down and check in on what I’d really love to improve on (hint – one of those things is time management). While a majority of the feedback was positive and all of it had to do with work, I did notice that those things I need to work on can also go back to my personal life.

Sometimes you need to segment work into its own little box, and that is just fine. Whether it’s just too stressful to take home or you have something else really important going on (and you should!), it’s ok to keep work at work. However, if you’re feeling a little uninspired or lacking the drive you used to have, maybe it’s time to bring work back into the spotlight again. Relate a few things you could improve on or amp up to other areas of your life. You might be surprised! For example…

Creativity – When I’m swamped, the last thing I feel like I have time for is brainstorming or being a “fun thinker.” Try to think of it less as work and more of play. Adrianna and I just went to a painting class and I love how inspired I felt afterward. Even trolling around on Instagram can help you think of a few ideas for clients or social media platforms

Management – As you move up the ranks, delegation and management becomes more and more important. But it doesn’t mean you have to be boss b*tch. Completely the opposite. If you know you have to work on being more assertive or delegate tasks, try to do so at home or in your social life as well. Maybe that means asking your friends to help out with a dinner party instead of doing it all yourself. Or finally say something to that pesky dry cleaner who always seems to leave your coat with a stain on it…

Organizing your time – This is a big one for me, because I am a natural procrastinator (even with the blog). Again, I need to take it out of work and look at how this can benefit my life as whole. Learning time management skills would take a huge pressure out of my life, and help with those feelings of stress I always get when EVERYTHING seems urgent

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Kickstart Your Fashion Career with FBA360

FBA 360

Exciting news. This month, we’re working with Fashion Business Accelerator 360, an online education platform for the fashion industry. On October 29th, FBA360 is launching its new six week bootcamp that offers those interested in the fashion industry a chance to learn from industry insiders in an innovative online educational environment.

The Kickstart Your Career Bootcamp is an online workshop designed to connect emerging fashion professionals and designers with industry leaders in an efficient but comprehensive six week course. You can choose from two courses of study; Launch Your Line and Fashion Career Bootcamp (great for those interested in Fashion PR).

FBA Bootcamp

Once completed, you will feel armed to jump headfirst into the fashion career of their choice. Introductory offer for the course (now through Oct. 29th): $895. You can claim your spot now by clicking here.

The best part? We’re hosting a Twitter Chat with FBA 360 on October 28th at 8pm to answer all of your questions. More details to come.

p.s. you have the opportunity to grab a free spot and a free trip to New York City to learn about domestic manufacturing and be mentored by  FBA360 founder Liza Deyrmenjian herself. For more information or to enter click here. Best of luck!

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Fashion Friday: Digital Florals






Stealing once again from one of our favorite fashion blogs, Vanilla Extract:

I’ve been admiring digital prints for a while now, always searching for unique pieces that align with my style. The majority of digital prints I’ve come across have either been too expensive or too bold for my liking. Boo!

When Kingdom & State launched their fall collection with this floral jacket, I was just like “Oh, the hunt is over!” The florals give it that feminine feel, but the style of the jacket keeps it from being too girly. I’d say it strikes the perfect balance between feminine and edgy. There’s even a matching skirt on the site if you want to double down on your digital prints.

You can find Nichole’s killer bomber jacket and other styles at Kingdom & State here.

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From the Inbox: Making NYC Contacts

Hi A & M -

First, first, first – I want to say thanks for taking the time to have created such an amazing blog. It has proven to be an invaluable resource for me as I chart my career in this industry!

Which is what brings me to this question:

After five years of working in broadcasting and print, I was finally able to make the leap into my first legit PR job, at an arts organization in the Midwest. I love what I’m doing and am learning a lot. In the next five years, I want to have transitioned into doing public relations for an arts organization – but I want to move on to New York City.

I consider my current job a great opportunity to learn the basic ins and out of PR as well as the facets that are needed to create and maintain a career in the arts. But my question is, how can I make connections in New York while based in another part of the country? I know I’m here now to learn the basics, but I’m being mindful of where I want to be next. My company does stray business trips to New York 1-2 times a year, but that’s not enough to make a lasting impact. Should I schedule more time in the city myself, do a lot of e-networking, or what?

Any help and advice you could give are greatly appreciated – thanks so much!

Making NYC Contacts

Congrats on the transition into the PR world. This is a great question that I’m sure many can relate to. You can absolutely make NYC connections while still in the Midwest, whether it’s over the phone or on email. Take advantage of those NYC business trips. Use any downtime to set up coffee dates and informational interviews. Meet up with any NYC media contacts you have or employees at a company you would love to work for. LinkedIn can be a great tool for that.

I don’t think it’s necessary to make a trip on your own unless it’s for a serious job interview or meeting you’ve scheduled. You can get a lot accomplished through e-networking and make a lasting impression by being honest. Look at PR groups like Czars on Facebook to make connections. Find people in the Midwest that come from NYC or vice versa and ask for advice. Get the additional PR experience you need to make a comfortable transition to NYC.

Best of luck!
Xo, A

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