Six Signs PR Isn’t the Job for You

A while back, we wrote about 10 signs PR is the right job for you. But what about knowing if it isn’t? It’s not uncommon for graduates to enter a career they’re not sure is a definite fit for them. It’s also not uncommon for people to ramp up their PR career and start reevaluating it several years in. In reality, PR isn’t for everyone. Here are six signs that PR isn’t the right job for you. Don’t take it personal – it’s just business.

Six Signs PR Isn't For You

  •  You’re constantly feeling burnt out. Those times when you’re overly exhausted, experienceing an extreme lack of interest and just aren’t feeling motivated. The PR job is all about having high energy and being on your toes. It’s the only way to please client and in reality, this job isn’t a 9 to 5.
  • You don’t take criticism or rejection well.  If you take criticism too personally and aren’t willing to absorb feedback, the job isn’t a fit for you. PR pros are constantly being criticized on their writing, contacts, strategies, placements and more.
  • You hate writing. It isn’t a good sign if the thought of writing a pitch, plan or press release makes you cringe. Yes, we all get annoyed at times, but our job is about communicating and constantly evolving our writing. We send hundreds of emails a day, so if you don’t enjoy writing, we have a problem.
  • You don’t care about the news. If you have a sincere lack of interest in the news, media and digital landscape this definitely isn’t the job for you. We’re expected to stay on top of what’s going on in the news constantly –  especially what reporters care about. The media landscape changes every day and if you don’t care about what’s going on or your placements, big red flag.
  • You don’t like working with people. Not much of a people person? Big problem. PR is all about teamwork and relationships. Relationships with your colleagues, clients and media contacts.
  • You crumble under pressure. Just like media, we’re charged with deadlines and constant client demands. In order to make it to the other side, you must stay organized and focused in order still function under pressure. If you constantly breakdown and crumble, you’re toast.

What are some other signs PR isn’t the job for you?

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Makin’ Moves: How to Find a Roommate

Last week, I wrote about how to know you are ready to move to the big city. Once you know you are meant to be in an urban dwelling, there are a lot of logistics left to follow up on. Maybe the scariest (aside from seeing some shoebox sized apartments in the Lower East Side) is trying to find someone to live with.


If you’re still in college, you’re lucky. You have a huge network at your fingertips (and maybe some fab roommates you already love that are also looking to move) that you can work to find the best roommate set up for you. If you’ve since left college or maybe are looking for a new set up, there are a couple ways you can go about finding a person to live with that won’t completely creep you out (oh, the horror stories).


Use Facebook – Perhaps the best way to find a roommate. You’ll trust who you find through other friends, and it won’t be so awkward when you meet up in person for the first time. Similarly, try sending a blast email to all your friends and ask if they know anyone looking to move to the city.

Craigslist – A necessary evil, I know MANY people who have found great apartments and great roommates through Craigslist. Just be sure you exercise caution and safety – on first meeting of a potential Craigslist roommate be sure to bring a friend.

Your parents – Your parents have a stronger network than you know. Ask them to ask around about any people your age who may be in the city already or looking to move. Since parents are behind the set up, it will most likely be an ideal situation (your potential roommate won’t want to piss off HER parents by being a crappy roommate)


Bunk with work colleagues – No matter how close you are or how much fun they are, it will get to be WAY too much. You will be literally inviting any work drama into your house, and any home/personal drama into the office. Not needed.

Settle for time/cost restraints – If you have a weird feeling about living with a person, there is probably a reason. Don’t convince yourself to move into a space to save money, because the apartment is gorgeous or because you’re afraid you won’t find another roommate in time. The first priority is your comfort and safety.

In order to love New York, you need to love your home – NYC (or any large city) is a fabulous place, but it takes a lot out of you. You need a place you’ll feel good about coming home to and can kick up your feet. Your roommate can either help you make that space or hurt it. Choose wisely.


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Why PR Girls Make Great Matchmakers

Everyone has that friend – the one that goes out all the time, seems to know everyone and is always talking about who they can set you up with if you’re single. More than likely, she’s a PR girl with a rolodex of single men and women constantly thinking about who she can set up with who to make a match. Here are a few reason why PR girls make great matchmakers and why you should automatically take the date.

Why PR Girls Make Great Matchmakers

PR girls…

  • Work in a business were personal connections mean everything
  • Meet everyone in all different industries at events and meetings
  • Come across hard-working, successful, eligible people everyday
  • Have a second sense for who’s being real and who’s being fake
  • Can quickly tell if the other person would you be genuinely interested in you
  • Will scope out a person before they set you up – on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram
  • Won’t set you up with someone that could hurt their credibility
  • Enjoy bringing people together
  • Will not be offended if it doesn’t work out – we often deal with rejection
  • Aim to make you happy so they can tell a success story

Have you ever set someone up on a date?

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Six Office Beauty Blunders

One of my best workplace friends did something drastic this week – she chopped off her hair and dyed it bleach blonde. Her concern? Was this office appropriate. There’s always chatter around what beauty risks are office appropriate and which should only happen on the weekends. Here are a few office beauty blunders to avoid.

Office Beauty Blunders

  • Chipped nail polish. It happens, we forget to get our nails done. Just try to avoid it. Either have them nicely polished, or leave them with no color at all. Gels help with chipping.
  • Too much makeup. When you’re wearing makeup you would apply for a night out at the club, you have too much on. Dark eyeshadows, penciled in eyebrows and fake lashes. Go for the more natural look in the office.
  • Bold colored streaks. Blue, pink and red streaks. All hair colors that should happen over the weekend and washed off before Monday.
  • Smudged mascara. When it’s left under your eyes, people might assume you had a wild night. If you’re going for the all natural, no make-up look, make sure the mascara is wiped from under your eyes.
  • Wet hair. This happens from time to time but try to avoid it. Wet hair in the morning can come off as unprofessional – especially in client meetings.
  • Lipstick on your teeth. Oops. To avoid this by keeping a mirror at your desk so you can watch yourself apply lipstick. Nothing is more distracting than seeing this during a meeting.

What are some other office beauty blunders?

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