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As many of you know, PR Couture is one of our favorite blogs and inspirations at nyc PR girls.   Not only is creator Crosby Noricks an insightful, PR-savvy pro, but she speaks to PR girls and boys with clear instruction and thoughtful points.   Whenever I read any of Crosby’s features, I feel like I’m speaking with a mentor who is giving me all the little secrets to success.

Crosby has just released her newest ebook, Pitch Perfect: The PR Couture Guide to Fashion Media Coverage, and I couldn’t be more excited.   As a PR professional and a blogger, it boggles my mind whenever I receive a pitch myself that is full of spelling errors, static writing and incorrect, impolite language. The truth is, many entry level PR people are not taught the art of pitching in college, while pitching is supposed to be our bread and butter! Crosby’s Pitch Perfect lays out the basics of crafting a successful media outreach strategy, and will guide you through all the steps of securing the “dream” placement.

Some of the resources you’ll find in this invaluable include:

  • Basics of public relations media strategy
  • Who, when and how to pitch various media outlets
  • Smart, sneaky ways to locate hard to find media contact information
  • How to become a resource for editors
  • Sample email pitches for quick, easy hits
  • The do’s and don’t of working with fashion bloggers

Secrets to Fashion Media Coverage


Crosby is offering a special discount of 20% off with the code  PitchMe20 until October 14.   Click here to get this useful PR tool for yourself!


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