Pitching PRoblems

While pitching is one of the largest aspects of working in public relations, any PR pro knows that it can be extremely tedious and time-consuming, yet rewarding when successful. Most pitching assignments are different based on content and media targets and some can be more difficult than others, even for the most experienced pitcher. There are times I feel like I’m sending a million emails and getting no response. So what do you do in that situation? When you get stuck in a pitching rut, consider this:

  • Make sure your emails are personalized enough. We’ve said this before, but just saying ‘œHi X’ isn’t making an email personalized. Think of including, ‘œI noticed you covered X and I wanted to get in touch with you regarding X’. I’ve always found that the shorter and more to the point your pitch is, the better the response.
  • Look at competitor coverage. Have you dug through articles and gotten stuck on whom else to pitch? Google your clients’ competitor and see where they’ve gotten coverage. Reach out to those reporters to make sure they are aware of your client.
  • Think of new angles. Maybe your pitch needs to be completely restructured. Try tying it to a major holiday or topic to make it more relevant.
  • Offer an exclusive. Is there an exclusive you can offer to a media outlet to entice them? Maybe a discount for their readers or a quote from a spokesperson.
  • Raise a flag. Alert your managers and teammates that you’re having problems. Explain to them all of the routes you’ve exhausted. Don’t let it go under the radar and then have them wondering why there are no results.

How have you gotten out of a pitching rut?

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