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Whether we like it or not, pitching is an important part of our job as PR professionals. Though it can be tedious and stressful at times, media relations  can  also be rewarding and a great opportunity to stand out among colleagues. There a few tips that I’ve observed from being on both sides (also being pitched as a blogger) that have helped me while pitching and may help you as you as well.

  • Avoid mail merge at all costs. Even if you’re sending the same email to every one of your media contacts, it’s easy to tell when you’ve sent one giant merge.
  • Personalize your pitch as much as possible. This may be a given, but any indication that you’ve actually read what they wrote sets the stage for a response.
  • Use read receipts. Some find them annoying, but I can’t stress how vital they’ve become to my pitching strategy, especially when sending event invites. If the editor/reporter deletes without reading, you give them a call or send to another appropriate contact at that outlet.
  • Get them on the phone. Even if you have to make continuous calls throughout the day, if this media contact is a fit for your pitch, talk to them live. You can easily win them over in a conversation as opposed to email.
  • Don’t take no for an answer. If you receive a response from a media contact declining your pitch, kindly ask if there’s another contact at their outlet that would be more applicable. The worst that could happen is not receiving a response back, but at least you asked!

Are there any other pitching tips that have helped you succeed?

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