Planning for the New Year

As the year comes to an end, planning for clients begins for the next fiscal year. Before diving into a new PR plan, it’s important to reflect back on the year you just had in order to make an informative recommendation.

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  • Review your results – Look at the goals you set for the past year and see how well you achieved them.
  • What worked – Think about what gave you the resulted you wanted and what made the client happy. Was it a Twitter Party you planned? Your blogger relations? Take note and incorporate these ideas into next years plan.
  • What didn’t work – What didn’t help you in attaining your goal? Was the media uninterested in your spokesperson? Don’t be afraid to be realistic – it will help you pull together a more rational recommendation.
  • Set realistic goals – Unless there are severe budget cuts, you can’t lower your goals for the New Year, but don’t overestimate. You don’t want to give yourself unrealistic goals that will just cheat you and the client.
  • Target audience – How effectively did you reach your target audience in the past year? What new ways can you reach them this year? Maybe there’s a new form of social media they’re using or a celebrity they’re into.
  • Develop your plan – Now that you’ve reflected, what communication tools will be the most effective in the coming year? Reflect on how you answered the above bullets to better inform you.

How do you go about planning for the New Year?

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