Playing it Cool around Celebrities

Meeting and working with celebrities is a part of our job. It’s one of the perks we look forward to entering the industry – whether it’s working an event, coordinating an interview or setting up a photo shoot. Some celebrities make us love our job and some make us hate it, but no matter how many times you meet the stars, there will always be those one or two that leave you star struck.

Fan Girl

One of the most important aspects, especially when you’re starting out in the industry, is to keep calm. Having a fan girl moment in front of your celebrity crush is not only uncomfortable for the celebrity, but also for your coworkers and client. If your dream is to have your picture taken with the celebrity, ask if it’s ok with your manager first. It’s a case by case situation depending on what kind of mood the celebrity is in, what the asks are and how everything is going.

Keeping it cool when you’re on the job isn’t always easy but try to keep professional when you’re interacting with celebrities. Be upbeat, personable and complimentary. At the end of the day your job is to get everything your client needs from a business standpoint. The perfect Instagram picture for yourself is secondary…

What are some of your celebrity stories? Ever have a complete fan girl moment? Not going to lie… I’ve gotten that pit in my stomach, knees weakened, I can’t speak feeling many times.


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