PR Girl Downers After New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, and a relief has washed over almost all the PR girls in NYC proper.   Though NYFW certainly is glamorous, the stress of last minute errands, missing models, impatient fashion folk and nothing-to-wear syndrome loses its appeal after a week or so.

That being said, PR girls can certainly go through “New York Fashion Week Withdrawal” after 10 days of madness.   Here are a few of the symptoms:

  • After experiencing the first night of undisturbed sleep, wake up in a panic thinking you overslept
  • Put on your brightest colors in your closet – anything other than black
  • Experience soreness in quads and hamstrings from (literally) running in heels.   Feet, meanwhile, have gone completely numb.   Choose to wear Converse to work
  • At about 11am, realize your one cup of coffee does not cut it for your new caffeine dependency, as you got used to having 3 cups of coffee before 9am followed by several cans of diet coke
  • Walk to lunch in Union Square, slightly disappointed no one has asked if they can take your picture
  • Eat a full sandwich from Potbelly, delighting in the fact that there is no judgment being passed on your eating habits
  • Experiment with a new lip color or eyeshadow effect you learned from backstage, even if just for happy hour with the girls


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