PR Girl Jargon Part 2

Several months ago, we posted abbreviations commonly used in PR that are rarely recognizable outside the industry. Those were some of the basics, but below are a few more abbreviations every PR girl should know.

ACE ‘“ Advertising Cost Equivalent

How much a editorial piece would cost if it had been paid-for advertising.

OTS ‘“ Opportunity to See

Figures for various types of print media (dailies, magazines, etc).

OTH ‘“ Opportunity to Hear

Figures for various types of broadcast media (radio, TV, etc).

SOV – Share of Voice

A measurement of the total radio and TV coverage to determine the number of opportunities to see or opportunities to hear.

RSS – Real Simple Syndication

A way of distributing news headlines to subscribers on the internet.

AOR – Agency of Record

When a corporation has an exclusive agreement with an agency to work on a product/service.

OTR – Off the Record

An agreement with an interviewer not to print what was provided.

AP – Associated Press

A global news network, delivering fast, unbiased news from every corner of the world to all media platforms and formats.

PRSA – Public Relations Society of America

PRSSA – Public Relations Student Society of America


Are there any other abbreviations you use in PR?



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