PR Girl Jargon Part 3

As an aspiring or working PR girl, it’s important to learn many of the terms that are thrown around the office. For Part 1 and 2, we covered some of the basic acronyms and abbreviations. We recently received an email from a reader asking us to elaborate on some of the more basic PR daily tasks we mention. Take some notes, below are just a few.


Media Monitoring (or charting): Looking for a mention of your client’s brand or competitors in online, print, broadcast and social media. This can be done through Google searches, Google alerts and outside vendors that track print, broadcast and social coverage. Factiva for print, Critical Mention for broadcast, Cision for print and broadcast and Radian 6 for social to name a few. Any mentions are then compiled into an Excel chart also known as a coverage chart (usually done on a month to month basis).

Media List: Easily created using CisionPoint, a media list is an Excel grid with a list of media outlets and contact information for each relevant to your client. For example, if you work for a beauty brand, your media list would consist of magazine beauty editors, online beauty writers, beauty bloggers and more.

Media Outreach: All of your pitching efforts and communications with online, print and broadcast media.

Fact Sheet: Used alongside media outreach, a fact sheet is a one page document outlining details about your client’s brand, product or service (price, availability, features, etc).

Media Briefing: A session, done one-on-one or at an editor event, in order to provide detailed information about your client to media. Those that attend can also sometimes meet with your client, receive fact sheets, photos or additional press materials.

Call Agenda: Pulled together and generally sent to a client before a meeting, the call agenda includes short bullets of what will be discussed on the conference call.

Brainstorming : A creative way of getting ideas from your colleagues on a given topic for your client. For example if your client is looking for a new campaign idea based on a specific goal, (i.e. ways to drive traffic to their store) you would host a brainstorm or e-storm (through email) to get ideas from others.

Lead Time: The deadline for submission of articles that reporters have. It’s important to know the deadline for reporters articles, especially for those you’re contributing to.

Any other PR terms you’re confused about? Comment below!

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