PR Girl Perk: Getting Backstage

This morning I had the opportunity to get backstage at one of my favorite new daytime shows, ABC’s The Chew.   Since I work nonstop from 8:30am to about 7pm, I don’t get a chance to catch up and learn about broadcast media as much as I should.   Through some resilient pitching with my team members, a couple of us were able to go to a taping of The Chew this morning and learn more about what the show is all about.

Though getting backstage is a pleasant perk of being a PR girl, this is not one to take advantage of.   If you’re invited to go behind the scenes of an event, concert, tv taping, whatever, be sure you put your publicist hat on and take care of your clients while you take in the show:

  • Look for opportunities where your clients may be a natural fit in the show’s conversation.   What are some of the main topics the show covers?
  • How are other brands represented? Does it feel forced?
  • Any room for a brand spokesperson here? Would any of the show hosts get along with your spokesperson?
  • Any of the hosts a nut for your brand cause? Crazy about nutrition, diet, fashion, beauty


Where would you like to get backstage access as a PR girl or guy?

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