PR Girl Perks of Travel

I’m off to LA this weekend, which after the craziness of Sundance and the citing chill of New York is a welcome destination. Though I do miss staying still in one place, I kind of like traveling by myself. Seeing new places and meeting new faces is one of the many PR girl perks, and I have to say that being a PR girl helps tremendously with the usual travel woes. Here are a few ways that being a PR girl helps when you’re on the road:

Jessica Alba Airport Style

  • You have a kind understanding of the stress airline customer service has to deal with
  • You are one of the swiftest through the security line (you know how to accessorize efficiently)
  • You are happy to wait at the terminal outside Hudson News reading plenty of magazines
  • Taxiing does not bother us – a quiet moment in the middle of the day when we are not allowed to look at a computer screen?! We’ll take it!
  • Once we arrive at our destination, we are able to make new friends or connect with friends of friends through our network
  • We appreciate the sights and landmarks, and take in the personality of each city (“for consumer research”)

What are some of your favorite PR girl perks of travel?

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