PR Girl PRowess – Daily Shortcuts

Stemming off A’s theme of work/life balance from yesterday, I wanted to post a couple tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years of making the most of the time we DO have on our hands.   It’s really easy to let a couple things slide until they become a mountain of a problem, but with a few short cuts employed daily, you’ll be able to tackle your to-do list and whatever else the day has planned for you.

  • When you come back to your desk to find an insufferable amount of emails, organize by subject matter first. If the issue is urgent, you can deal with it right away
  • Calendar alerts are for more than just meetings. I use them to block off pitching time, remind me to look for magazines to hit newsstands, even check twitter! Set important reminders for yourself
  • Create a list of “action items” after each call you have – whether it’s with a vendor or a client – separate from your to-do list. Reference it at the beginning of every day to be sure you took care of each task
  • Set up google alerts for your clients, client competitors, and topics you are interested in
  • If you work from master media lists (as most of us do), create your own personal media list with your assigned outlets. Keep track of correspondence and emails in this tracker saved on your desktop

What PR tricks of the trade do you use daily?


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